VIENNA VIKINGS Executive Lounge

Vienna Vikings Executive Lounge

Hans Mild
You want to experience American football at the highest level paired with the finest culinary? Then experience the home games of the reigning champions at the Vienna Vikings Executive Lounge!

Our Executive Lounge allows you a VIP experience in a worldwide unique ambience. You have never experienced American Football like this before! 

Where the Vienna Vikings play that's WHERE THE CHAMPIONS PLAY

After twelve wins from twelve games so far in the current season of the European League of Football, the Vienna Vikings are of course also favorites for the seventh home victory in a row! HC Chris Calaycay's team is still one of three 'undefeated' franchises' this year. 

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SEMIFINAL | European league of football
September 16, 2023 | VIENNA VIKINGS VS. tba

13.30 | Admission VIP area

14.15 | Kick Off

18.00 | Party With The Team

21.00 | Event End